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College Admission Ninja Program - CANP -- Enrolling Now!

College Ninja is StemPro Academy’s Flagship program. This program creatively turns the overwhelmed and complicated college application process into a unique and fun project on learning computer programming, artificial intelligence (ai) and project management. Unlike most other programs that employ subject-centered curriculum design, StemPro Academy thoughtfully converts this important “problem” into a set of achievable tasks and learning opportunities; and utilize individualized student-focused curriculum to achieve best learning experience and results. Upon completion of this program, students not only acquire excellent academic skills, they also become knowledgeable about college application process and gain in-depth understanding about how higher education is about.

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MPP (Math and Programming Together with Projects) Programs -- Enrolling Now

Math and computational thinking can reinforce each other. Teaching math with computer programming can give mathematical concepts context and relevance while still requiring the same amount of rigor as traditional mathematics instruction. Furthermore, combining math and programming, together with real-life projects, will greatly improve students’ logical, problem extraction and critical thinking skills, which are keen to their future success.

Other MAPP (Math Ai Programming Projects) Programs

Great News! ​We are exciting to add our Award Winning project, LID-i Online Learning Assistant. 

  • MAPP (Math, AI, Programming and Projects) Programs don’t simply teach programming languages or algorithms, we make sure that you acquire needed math skills as well for future growth; and  training learning fun, motivative and productive through meaningful projects. 

  • MAPP Programs are designed closely referencing K-12 education curriculums; you can rely on us that your school won’t be impacted; rather it will be greatly strengthened. 

  • And, our programs are not just toy projects. We teach and train through delivering practical and relevant projects that are impactful to our community and to students’ own goodness. 

Competition Math Program

High School AMC Competition is the top-level math competition class in our academy. The goal of this program is to polish and refine the abilities of students who have a passion for math and who have built a strong math skill sets, with the view of attending national and international mathematical competitions. It requires intellectual agility, mathematical depth, rigor, and creativity, which are the important qualities of the players in the AMC 8, AMC 10 and AMC 12, and higher...

  • Math, math more math©

  • Taught by IMO/MAA Medalists/Winners

  • Aim higher and you will get there!

Stem Pro Academy Junior Math

Stem Pro Academy Junior Math are designed for students from K to 8 students. 

Don't complain about the public schools' math and science education systems; it is by far one of best in our humble opinion. Our math program is developed based on this system and we have added some of the most important elements that are missing in the system, e.g., individual needs and real-world connections...

Stem Pro Academy Tutoring Program

Let's say all tutors are respectful and knowledgeable. Some of them fit your needs better than others, for sure.

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