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StemPro Academy is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that is founded by a group of parents, engineers, and educators, Stem Pro Academy believes that education is about “Everything in IT”.

  • It is about know how to solve problems; more about how to gather information and formulate problems

  • It is about learn; more about being inspired to learn and growing curiosity

  • It is about high scores; more about a sound ground for future growth

  • It is about age and grade; more about level of understanding and learning capability​

  • StemPro Academy is run by Pro-Club, a group of volunteering professionals and education enthusiast.


An StemPro Academy, we agree that a strong STEM education - one that results in the skills and mindsets and opens the door for lifelong learning - starts as early as preschool, is culturally responsive, employs problem- and inquiry-based approaches, and engages students in hands-on activities that offer opportunities to interact with Stem professionals.


At StemPro Academy, our volunteering Stem professionals are passionate in inspiring and strengthening the Stem mindset for our next generation. Combining versatile expertise and life experiences, our Pro-Club professionals have compiled very effective and fun curriculums.

Through variety types of programs and high-quality faculty, we offer a series of comprehensive subjects for our students and their family, and deliver preparedness for the ever changing, multidirectional world.

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