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Zilin于2019年10月参加了为期半年的stermpro AI project ,以马老师为首的Stermpro团队引导孩子们顺利完成了AI project,每周2小时面对面上课,1-3小时完成各自的作业,在这些专业老师的引领下,孩子们对计算机科学产生了浓厚的兴趣,孩子们在学到专业知识的同时更为重要的是学会了互相配合,互相合作,这对以后他们步入社会有极大的帮助,再次感谢马老师带领的团队花费了大量的时间和精力为孩子们做出的奉献,希望stermpro 越来越壮大,能帮助到更多的青少年。


Mr. Ma and StemPro gave my kid a chance to develop her interests and teamwork skills during the summer. The program followed through with exception leading and educating skills, and my kid often talked about the project they were working on with enthusiasm. Not only was the program and teachers great technically, they also made sure our kids were having a good time and getting their ideas heard and carried out. Mr. Ma appreciates the ability of the kids and frequently gives them room to develop leadership as well. StemPro helped my kids learn with enthusiasm and detailed instruction, and we will certainly be happy to revisit in the future. 

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