Student Zone

What does "Student Zone" Do? 

A. Student-Help-Student Tutoring.

     Tutors: Tutors are students. Being paid or community volunteer hours.

     Tutees: Tutees are students.   

Let's say all tutors are respectful and knowledgeable. 

Some of them fit your needs better than others, for sure. 

And Stempro helps you locate tutors that can help you well and help you fast. 

We called, Stempro Approved Tutors.  

Tell us what are you learning and where you (might) get stuck. We will recommend someone that fits you. 

Want to be a Stempro Recognized Tutor?  

Looking for Stempro Recognized Tutor?  

B. Speaker's Corner

Curiosities, ideas, creativities and free thinking run in our vein. And we think all these should run in our students' veins too. 


Speaker's Corner is proctored by Stempro Academy. Students, regardless of anything, are encouraged to freely talk, discuss and express themselves. The rule is simple: Respect regardless of anything. 

To learn more and join Stempro Academy Speaker's Corner,