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Speaker's Corner

Stem Pro Academy's Speaker’s Corner, Stem Pro's Hyde Park

Curiosities, ideas, creativities and free thinking run in our vein. And we think all these should run in our students' veins too. 

Speaker's Corner is proctored by Stem Pro Academy. Students, regardless of anything, are encouraged to freely talk, discuss and express themselves. The rule is simple: Respect regardless of anything. 

We create this virtual speaker’s corner for our learning community and beyond. STEM skills are important; equally important are our desire to share our thoughts, to express our opinions, to learn show to disagree and to lead when we are called to.

We want this virtual meeting place to become an integral part of learning and teaching experience. We look forward to attending your speech, to discovering your new talent, to joining heated discussions, to hearing your brilliant ideas, and to seeing you, students or teachers, to become one step closer to reveal your full potential. 

Like what have been happening in the Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park.   

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”-- Steve Jobs.

Join the Speaker’s Corner

Wednesday from 8pm to 9:30pm

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