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Competitive Math

Math, math more math©
Taught by IMO/MAA Medalists/Winners

Aim higher and you will get there!

High School AMC Competition is the top-level math competition class in our academy. The goal of this program is to polish and refine the abilities of students who have a passion for math and who have built a strong math skill sets, with the view of attending national and international mathematical competitions. It requires intellectual agility, mathematical depth, rigor, and creativity, which are the important qualities of the players in the AMC 8, AMC 10 and AMC 12, and higher AIME, US(J)AMO and USAMO.  

If you are passionate on math ad want to be competitive in math, this is for you! This project teaches you how to prepare and compete for MAA Series(AMC12, AIME, USJAMO etc.) and other prestigious match competitions like  ARML, HMMT, CHMMC

Join us to be part of Stem Pro Academy’s Math Team!

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