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MAPP Programs

Our MAPP (Math, AI, Programming and Projects) Programs don’t simply teach programming languages or algorithms, we make sure that you acquire needed math skills as well for future growth.  

MAPP Programs are designed closely referencing K-12 education curriculums; you can rely on us that your school won’t be impacted; rather it will be greatly strengthened. 


And, our programs are not just toy projects. We teach and train through delivering practical and relevant projects that are impactful to our community and to students’ own goodness.

MAPP Program has two levels of classes, Discovery and Exploration, as below:


*Math Coverage: Ideally students are expected to have already learnt the said math subjects. Stem Pro teachers will help to review the math concepts when they are applied in AI/Programming. 

** Bring Your Own Project: Students may bring his/her own projects/ideas if there are enough interests from other students.  

Students may choose from the following MAPP Projects:

  • College Ninja© Project
     Understand college application from learning Programming and

  • LID-I© Application Project
    Build online education tool with state-of-the art technologies
    Award-winning Application  

  • Tutademy© Platform Project
    Innovative peer-to-peer tutoring platform backed by creative AI

College Ninja© Project

Understand college application from learning Programming and AI

Stem Pro Academy’s Flagship Program

College Ninja is Stem Pro Academy’s Flagship program. This program creatively turns the overwhelmed and complicated college application process into a unique and fun project on learning computer programming, artificial intelligence (ai) and project management. Unlike most other programs that employ subject-centered curriculum design, Stem Pro Academy thoughtfully converts this important “problem” into a set of achievable tasks and learning opportunities; and utilize individualized student-focused curriculum to achieve best learning experience and results. Upon completion of this program, students not only acquire excellent academic skills, they also become knowledgeable about college application process and gain in-depth understanding about how higher education is about.

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LID-I© Application Project

Build online education tool with state-of-the art technologies

Award-winning Application

Stem Pro Academy is excited to turn our award-winning application into a learning project! We develop and extract a set of achievable goals from our LID-i application. We are confident that our student will enjoy learning programming, ai and state-of-the-art technologies from our learner-focused curriculum. In addition, students will also learn about entrepreneurship as well as as how an idea is developed into a winning application!

About LID-i: it stands for "Learners, Instructors, Devices, and Interactions", is a software tool that helps improve online education quality and effectiveness. LIDI provides real time assessment metrics for instructors; it also generates summaries for teaching materials as well as personalized summaries for learners. LIDI is also for parents and guardians who can play a more supportive roles for quality education. LIDI is powered by multimodal machine learning technologies.  

Winner of 2020 Seattle Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. 

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Tutademy © Platform

Innovative peer-to-peer tutoring platform backed by creative AI

Talent can be found in anyone; Tutademy makes it shine!

Tutademy is platform for peer-to-peer tutoring. Learners are students; so are tutors. 
Tutademy is unique platform for student tutors. In few simple steps, Tutademy identifies students who are academically well prepared, passionate in teaching, and more importantly responsible and reliable.

For learners, Tutademy intelligently analyzes learners’ academic weak spots, cross-references with state’s subjects’ cirriculums and recommend best-matched student tutors. Stem Pro Academy has all 50 states’ K-12 core subjects’ educational standards.

Yes, state-of-the-art AI, together with creative programming, play critical roles. In this program, we will learn python programing, system design and analysis. We will also learn how to use third party AI libraries and tools; and we will learn how to build our own models for matching tutors and learners.

And yes, if what a learner needs is too difficult or too complicated, we will escalate it to our professional pool.
Tutademy makes every talent shine!

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