Math and Programming Together 

In the US in the 1860s, school math was preparation for a job as a clerk, adding columns of numbers by hand. Later on, when calculators became conventional tools, school math gradually switched to calculators.

Today, workplaces, from grocery stores to high tech firms, computers are a given. 

This time, school math yet to catch up. Jobs are different, and the preparation for these jobs needs to change, too.


Math and computational thinking can reinforce each other. Teaching math with computer programming can give mathematical concepts context and relevance while still requiring the same amount of rigor as traditional mathematics instruction. Furthermore, combining math and programming, together with real-life projects, will greatly improve students’ logical, problem extraction and critical thinking skills, which are keen to their future success. 


In short, the goals of our program/curriculums:

  1. School academic success 

  2. Build solid math foundation and computer skills

  3. Build strong mathematical, logical and critical thinking skills 

  4. Collaboration and Team skills. 


Our programs: 

  1. Elementary Math with Coding 1,2,3.    

  2. Pre-Algebra with Python Essentials

  3. Algebra with Python

  4. Precalculus with Python

  5. Project Class, MAPP* Program


Please note: 

  1. We cover all the school math learning topics!

  2. Our curriculums are developed by joint efforts of computer engineers and teachers!