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Junior Math 

Stem Pro Academy Junior Math Teams are designed for students from K to 8 students. 


Don't complain about the public schools' math and science education systems; it is by far one of best in our humble opinion. Our math program is developed based on this system and we have added some of the most important elements that are missing in the system, e.g., individual needs and real-world connections...

Our curriculums are designed with these goals:

  • Build solid high order thinking skills in math; Meet and exceed school curriculum requirements. .

  • Teach and strengthen math subjects in combination with exploring and learning of different STEM subjects, such as basic computer science and engineering concepts.

  • It focuses on discovering students’ interests, cultivating their abilities, and developing their potential.

  • Fully prepare students for upcoming middle school / high school STEM learning, especially math learning. 

  • Students are encouraged to compete in math competitions/tournaments such as Math is Cool, Mathcount, AMCs, Math Olympiad, and Washington State Mathematics Championship in Blaine, Science Bowl (optional), among others.

The Junior Math Teams are mainly led by strong and passionate current or past students who have been doing extremely well in AIME, USAJMO, USAMO or even MOSP. Our head coach is a International Mathematical Olympiad Medalist.

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