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Stempro Academy's Cone And Pie©

StemPro Academy's Cone and Pie© is the core methodology applied for our STEM programs.

What is the Pie?

Stem Pro Pie has three circles, Programming, Math, and, Science and Technologies. These three nutritious ingredients are extracted from our daily life and everything in mind. This is how the Pie is made: 

  • PAS - Pick a scene or a set of items. Identify the attributes and interactions of interest. Abstract them into a series of science and technology concepts. 

  • MMN - Map math notations to these sci&tech concepts. Describe interactions with math formulae. 

  • MIA - Make a "problem statement"; choose a computer language to implement. Programming is math in action. 


What is the Cone?

Like the pies in grocery stores, Stem Pro Pies come with varieties, differentiated by flavors, styles and nutritions. These varieties reflects stages of learning capabilities and cognitive skills*. There are many discussions about essential skills for our students. When we design our curriculums, Stem Pro deeply integrate the following seven skills that students need for their future:  

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving.

  • Collaboration across networks and leading by influence.

  • Agility and adaptability.

  • Initiative and entrepreneurialism.

  • Effective oral and written communication.

  • Accessing and analyzing information.

  • Curiosity and imagination.


Join Our Curriculum Design Task Teams?
Each curriculum of StemPro are creatively conceptualized, designed and implemented by a group of technology professionals, educators, parents that are passionate in bring STEM education to next level.
If you are interested to join our missions, please contact us: 

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