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Become A Stem Pro Tutor. Recognized, by ai and human

Stem Pro Academy don't take tutoring lightly. Stem Pro Tutoring program believes that tutoring is not only about teaching, it is more about guiding and motivating learners. 


What's next step after submitting applications? 

1). We combine our expertise as well as the AI models we built to analyze your personality trait and communication style.  

2). We send you an email for a quick 15 minutes chat.

3). Tutor training follows

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu

Let's start:

To Become A Stem Pro Tutor 

General Information


Basic Personality Traits. For better tutor/tutee matching

I am original and come up with new ideas:
I am compassionate with a soft heart
I am full of energy
I gend to find fault with others

(optional) Show us how you teach

Suppose you are teaching a student the following:

56.19x3.14 = ?

Please make an audio clip (maximum 3 minutes long) and use the following link to upload. One file only. 

Upload Audio Clip (Optional)
What are you interested in:
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